SUN CAMPAIGN: Victim speaks out

Revenge porn: Exclusive interview with victim

Sun Exclusive

BRAVELY waiving her right to anonymity, Folami Prehaye tells the Sun how her ex posted explicit images of her online

Folami Prehaye’s bitter ex posted sex pictures of her online that were viewed nearly 50,000 times. Folami, 44, who has waived her right to anonymity, said her life was “turned upside down” by Thomas Samuel’s actions.
She said: “When Thomas and I took the photos, we were in love.
“When I discovered he’d put them online and they’d been seen by my family and friends I felt sick. I felt raped, numb and crushed. It was so violating.”

The Sun told yesterday how Samuel, 45, got a suspended jail term for sharing indecent images. It came as we launched a campaign to make revenge porn a specific sex crime with sentences of up to three years.

Office manager Folami, of Bristol, said: “Revenge porn definitely needs to be a specific crime. I say to other victims, ‘Don’t sit and do nothing, go to the police’.

“Thomas’s sentence doesn’t reflect the seriousness of the crime, but if I had done nothing he would have got nothing.”

THE Sun’s campaign is calling for:
• Revenge porn to be a specific sex crime with sentences of up to three years.
• Police to investigate it more thoroughly and for crimes to be taken more seriously.
• Better and more sufficient support for those who are victims of revenge porn.


Taken from the Sun article written by Alex West