Share Your Story & Take Back Control

IMG_188167111730008As i reflect on the last 6 months of 2014 I think to myself; I am glad that i spoke out and shared my story with probably ‘the world’ but most definitely people within the UK.

Many people have shared their views which have been mostly positive; It was an experience that ‘I wish no other to have to go through’ but as I write this article in reflection I know that the same fate has happened to many others.

The moment I decided to ‘stand up for myself and take the power back’  from my ex Thomas Samuel I had no clue as to what was going to happen next. I just knew that I had to turn a negative situation into a positive. The support I had was amazing I am truly grateful for all the positive comments:

‘I am so proud of you for standing up and showing the damage the internet and social media can inflict and how prolific the fall out can be. I wanted to show my total gratitude for your bravery and spirit’

‘I am really proud of you’

‘You did amazing in the This Morning interview and i learn a lot. Your a brave and amazing woman’

‘I saw your interview on This Morning; I am so proud of you; I wish the man who did this to you got a longer sentence’

‘Do you know how many women that are still out there suffering in silence because of shame; you’re doing a remarkable thing’

‘Your being brave by going public turning the bad into a positive force to help others’

‘You’re an inspirational woman hold your head high, keep strong and keep doing what your doing’

If you have been a victim of revenge porn (I actually despise this terminology and will one day come up with another more fitting name) share your story and get in contact with me. I want to support and help in anyway I can. Please do not feel ashamed. I found writing very therapeutic!