Launch of New Helpline for Victims

Sunday 8th  February saw the launch of a new helpline for victims of revenge porn.  This is something that I am hoping will make a huge difference and will help those who are either in fear or who are victims have someone to talk to.

RP-Helpline_logoSince the launch of the new helpline I have been inundated with requests from victims and media, it’s been overwhelming and one that I didn’t anticipate in happening when I set up this support website. It’s a good thing I presume but as there is only one of me this is the time where VOIC needs to become a collective of voices and others would speak out on behalf of VOIC.

Source: GOV.UK  Government Equalities Office The Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP and the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP

The specialist helpline is the latest in a series of measures taken by the government to tackle the growing problem of people sharing intimate images online as a way of seeking revenge or ridiculing individuals.

The helpline, run by South West Grid for Learning Trust, will provide callers with information on legal help available and their right to have the images removed from websites.

The helpline will liaise with law enforcement and media companies to remove content where possible, and offer details of free legal advice. It will also point individuals to additional support services, such as Women’s Aid, Stalking helpline or Relate if needed.

Minister for Women and Equalities Nicky Morgan said:

I want to ensure that anyone who finds that they have had images of themselves shared without their consent has the support and advice that they need. This helpline will provide essential free legal advice on how to have pictures removed from the internet.

Circulating intimate photos of someone without their consent is never acceptable, and we need to educate people to the dangers of sending intimate images, and to the hurt that sharing them causes.

Folami Prehaye, founder of revenge porn support website said:

As a victim I felt isolated and embarrassed by what had happened to me. If there was a helpline around at the time of my crime at least I could have talked to someone in confidence about how I was feeling, and how coming forward has affected my confidence.

I set up my website to offer support to victims who made contact with me, and to encourage other women to come forward to raise their concerns and speak up about this crime. Now this helpline will help everyone that needs support and advice.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said:

Victims told us they wanted more to be done to tackle revenge porn – and we listened.

We have changed the law to make it clear that people who maliciously distribute intimate pictures of their former partners without their consent face a prison sentence.

It is crucial that victims have the confidence to report this kind of disgusting behaviour and the new offence will make sure perpetrators are properly punished.

This announcement comes ahead of Safer Internet Day (10 February) which aims to promote safer and more responsible use of technology, especially amongst children and young people.

This announcement follows a call from Nicky Morgan for parents to check they know how to help keep their children safe online, and £500,000 of funding for the Safer Internet Centre, to ensure schools and teachers are also equipped to teach our young people about how to be safe online.

The government is introducing a specific offence of revenge pornography, covering the distribution of a private sexual image of someone without their consent and with the intent to cause distress. Those convicted will face a maximum sentence of two years in prison.

The phone number for the helpline is: 0845 6000 459

Further information on the helpline is available online at

This is a pilot helpline which will run up to March 2016.