ITV This Morning Interview

imageMy interview on This Morning  was the beginning of something that I hoped would help others going through what I had experienced and bring the issue to the mainstream audience. Little did I know how this exposure would affect, not only me as an individual trying to make good of a bad situation but also how the topic of ‘Revenge Porn’ is viewed by others.

It was definitely an opportunity I could not possibly ignore. I am on a mission to empower and support others by showing my strength and commitment to something very close to home. I have experienced mixed emotions and at times thought….

“Maybe I should have crawled under a rock and kept quiet”

In hindsight I received a lot of support and have had publicity interests to help highlight  what I am doing, which has empowered me even more to reach my aspirational goals. There have also been those negative hurtful comments that you allow to ‘niggle’ away at your inner core. It’s  easier for other people to make judgement or indeed feed on another persons misfortune.

The hardest part of this journey so far has been learning how to become a sieve, to be resilient and not let negativity get into your space.

Here is the link to my interview