Expressive Art – A Photo Captures A Thousand Words

How Powerful Would It Be !

If we could all speak out verbally about the way we feel, the hurt we have gone through, the trauma being abused brings and the betrayal that you feel, knowing you let someone do this to you! Imagine, there are many victims who want to speak out but don’t know how; to find the courage, the belief or the strength to do so.

‘How powerful would it be if we could all speak out verbally’

I dedicate this post to those victims, that cannot express themselves Emotional Turmoil - Folami Prehayeverbally like I do. For those who are struggling, to ‘live happy lives’ because the affects of image based sexual abuse, has ‘stripped their spiritual soul’ and they have been thrown into a world of depression, unworthiness, disgust, fear, anger, disgrace and despair.

Again – I find myself impelled to get involved in things that i feel would benefit others; that will support my cause and my worth as a human being, trying to make a difference.  

The Survivor Women of Abuse workshop was a great idea [credit to Bryony Jade Ball @ See It From Her] to share with those who cannot step out like me that; ‘freedom of expression’ whether written, spoken or visual can 4-folami-prehaye-you-took-a-piece-of-metell a thousand stories!

“Emotions are feelings and emotives are expressions of those feelings , through the use of language that explicitly describes the emotion.”

The abuse that was emotionally, coercively and cruelly used to try and cause me distress; politically referred to as ‘revenge pornography‘ has no correlation to ‘pornography’ – there is nothing pornographic about an image of a naked body being used to ‘ harm’ another human being.

Admittedly at the beginning of my journey, I didn’t know any better, but to use the 3-folami-prehaye-the-world-wide-webterm; but as I have ‘delved deeper in my consciousness’, my feelings of the term used to put me in a box, silence me and ‘victim blame’ me; fills me with disgust and contempt.  The term that compelled others to search inquisitively, when the ‘media frenzy’ catapulted my abuse into the public eye, without a thought of consequence or empathy.

So unapologetically, I share my expressive journey of how it felt to me; to be abused using images  – by expressing myself using photography!